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Our teaching methodology

At IELS we focus on a communicative based teaching philosophy. We believe the most important aspect of language acquisition in the classroom is student participation. Each course is carefully designed to follow a set schedule of topics and target structures. This allows students to focus on specific tasks each day, in the classroom.

To support our different courses' curriculums, we make use of up-to-date teaching materials from media and internet sources in conjunction with text and theme based resources. Using topical content in lessons allows the teaching staff at IELS to encourage interesting dialogue and thought-provoking application of a lesson's target/topic structure.

At IELS our goal is to encourage students to try new things and embrace Australian culture as part of their language acquisition journey. Through a fun and supportive learning environment, we aim to build self confidence and cultural awareness by developing cognitive and analytical language skills. Incorporating a holistic approach to individual lesson plans the IELS stratagem is to involve Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in every class.

Using the descriptive method of 'in-class instruction,' our teachers are especially aware of constructive feedback, the nurturing approach to confidence building and the supportive role they have in our students learning experience. All of the teachers at IELS have been specifically chosen, not only for their outstanding teaching abilities but also their kind, energetic, responsible and fun-loving nature.

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